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Step 2: Chaos ensues

We started with the plan (see above). Now we had to figure out how to actually make our drawing come to life. But we are developers and seemingly smart people, we can figure this out - right? There’s that cord for the mouse, the one for the monitor, then there’s that cord that other cords plug into. Long story short, we needed lots of cords. Next came inventory. We started by looking at our own systems and 

Step 5: Make it professional-ish

The last step was to do it IRL



Step 4: Soft setup

Now that we had everything we needed it was time to do a muck-up - I mean, a mock-up of the booth. As the picture to the left clearly shows, it looks just like the picture from step 1… Everything is going according to plan. Now all we need is a Kyle. We also swapped out that puny monitor for something more suitable.


what we could cannibalize from them to take to the convention. Once we found out what we had, we had to determine what we still we made a list. We also wanted people to be able to see Lame & Cheesy really well, so that puny monitor just wasn’t going to cut it.

Date: 5/4/18

​​Step 1: Planning

As it is said, “poor planning leads to poor performance.” Therefore, we had to come up with a way for making our gaming booth look magical enough to attract people.  We started with the basics. Of course you have the staples for any game presentation: table(s), something to make people comfortable, monitors, controllers, some provisions and marketing materials. 



What it Takes to Build a Presentation 

Richard Charnock  

Step 3: Order stuff

The next thing to do was order everything on said list. We aren’t really gamers, so we had to order some controllers… We needed polos and lab coats so we could cosplay with the rest of the attendees. We needed to rep our studio so we also designed these super sweet iron on prints to paste on our gear. Just to make extra sure everyone knew who we were, we designed and ordered these vibrant, in-your-face banners. Pretty cuwl huh?

Of course, there is the loading up of vehicles and driving to the Georgia World Congress Center, but who wants to hear about that?

Honestly, there’s way more detail involved with planning for MomoCon. However, that article would be entirely too long to read, and let’s face it, you’d probably lose interest. Therefore, I will stop with this. We had an amazing time planning, preparing and going to MomoCon. All joking aside, it was an invaluable experience worth every bit of money and hardship paid. Thank you to everyone that came to check us out. The people we met had a lot of positive and constructive feedback to offer and their facial expressions told us a lot of what we wanted to hear. You will hear more about our experience at MomoCon in a couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for that post. Until then, thanks for reading.