​Why Lame & Cheesy

Killbot Studio  

We’re sure you’re all wondering why we choose Lame & Cheesy over all the other options? You’re not? Well we’ll tell you anyway. Here’s a fun fact: our lead programmer has always had a hankering for puzzle games. As an homage to him, the first game to make the cut is the one that displays his puzzle and problem solving prowess. Also, as you may know by now, we are a small studio. We have very limited time, resources, and brain power. We have many large scale projects that might take us to AAA label status (maybe), but that level of commitment isn’t possible with our current positioning. Lame & Cheesy is a game that offers a lot more for a little less. It’s a game we can make well, in a short amount of time, with the resources we have available to us. In business, it’s important to know when to stretch yourself and when your limits have been reached. As the old adage goes, Lame & Cheesy “fits just right.”

Lame & Cheesy is a dynamic game driven by the desire to escape one's prison. Two mice must work together to solve various obstacles in order to obtain their freedom. The game is innovative in the sense that one player can play with a friend and two mice or control both characters simultaneously. The game offers enough complexity and modularity to keep the game interesting and expanding for as long as the demand for the product is high.

We took the game to Siege in October 2017, and the game was a major hit with the players there. To date, no one has been able to beat the demo pack with 5 levels within the timeframe offered. Will you all be the first? We’ll see you there.

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It’s been decided - Lame & Cheesy will be the first game ever officially showcased, and eventually released, by our studio. More specifically, it’s the game that we have chosen to take to MomoCon 2018. We’ve been looking for the right game with the right flavor, flair and fanfair. There are a number of projects that we’ve been humming and hawing about, but ultimately, Lame & Cheesy beat out the other projects to be the victor.



Date: 5/4/18