Date: 5/11/18





May 24th - 26th, 2018

Richard Charnock

MomoCon is a yearly anime convention that, in recent years, has begun hosting an Indie Game Developers showcase.  It allows anyone with a presentable game to register for a booth and present their life’s work for all to see and judge.  The reality of the matter is that it’s a great opportunity for new and old developers to reach out and connect with the community to find out if what they’re working on is what people are expecting of it.  The general populous can find new titles to get hyped for and, assuming the developers are willing to listen, can give feedback on them while the features are still able to be changed.

To us, this is an invaluable experience.  We are not only presenting a new game, we are presenting Killbot as a whole and the haphazard, makeshift group of misfits that we call a team. If you are planning to attend MomoCon, come see us at booth 1000.  Worry not, you don’t have to sift through 999 other booths to find us. 

Catch us at the booth or catch us walking around. Much like you, we’ll be checking out the other devs and working the room; kissing hands and shaking babies… Wait, that’s not right. Anyway, we’ve sworn off working a 8 to 5 job so we’ll be at our booth from 8 to meh for the first 3 days. Come see us and bring your friends and thinking caps - we might just give you the biggest challenge of the weekend.


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