Date: 5/4/18



Killbot - The Story of Something

Kyle Brannon  

Killbot Studio is a game design company assembled in the backwoods of Georgia, USA.  We’ve been designed with one mission - we must make games that we want to play in such a way that everyone else wants to play them too.  The hand picked team that operates Killbot Studio is of a quality here-to unseen. In short, no one’s seen them operate so we don’t fully understand if they have any qualities.  Above all, though, we must retain a sense of playfulness even under the most professional of settings.

It is a strong statement to say that we aim to ensure everyone can enjoy the same games we wish to exist.  The market is big and scary while we’re small and neutral, yet we shall persist until either it works or we run out of side jobs.  That said, we’ve studied the market and seen not only what’s there but also what’s raking in the cash-money. Worry not, however, we promise to stay away from 2D, side-scrolling platformers for as long as possible.  There's nothing wrong with them of course, it's just not our style.  That said, we pour every ounce of our ability into crafting an experience for you, the player, to enjoy. So shout at us if we muck it all up.

The founding team behind Killbot studio is a group of people who occasionally call themselves friends.  The two brothers, Matt and Kyle, grew up designing and developing games in various engines. They also modded everything they possibly could until it broke, usually happening after the first mod.  Ryan, the audio guy, does audio guy things. He sits there, wearing headphones, presumably hand sculpting each waveform. One day he emerged from his lair with some kind of magical entity called an ‘ogg’.  We also have a marketing guy, Richard. He does markets good. In fact, you are currently perusing through his amazingly average website design and build as we speak.

There are a few values uncompromisable to the Killbot name.  Firstly (close cousin to bigly), we must only create games we would want to play ourselves.  We must always thoroughly enjoy the games that we create and the journey that they take us on.  We must, also, take things only just as seriously as they need to be taken and no more. The team must always be candid. The team has no problem telling each other when something we’ve done needs the axe.  Lastly, showmanship is just as important as professionalism. No matter what, we must retain a sense of playfulness even under the most professional of settings.

There. Now you know just a bite about us...


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